FEMALE Tries: Local Made Beauty Products

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  1. Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt, RM30


“I love pampering myself and I do like to make my own body scrub at home. But I wanted to give this home-grown brand and handmade product a go, you know, to find out how others do it. Usually the body scrub I use has coarser minerals but this one was gentle on the skin as it was fine but it still did the job of getting rid of dead skin. I love how the scented rose wasn’t overpowering but had just the right sweet, floral aroma to freshen me up! My elbows and feet are areas that need lots of TLC and surprisingly, even with the fine scrub, my skin felt a lot smoother, brighter and more moisturised just after two uses. I’m planning to use it twice fortnightly at night, followed by a moisturiser to maintain the regimen. It’s perfect as a DIY home-spa session!”

Alya Zulkernai, Web Editorial Assistant

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