FEMALE Tries: Innisfree’s Colour-Customised Makeup Palette

Just for you.

If you’re ready to move on from one-colour-fits-all products (because we come in a range of colours!), Innisfree has created a customisable makeup palette that you just might want to try. These modular palettes work based on the concept that everyone has their own personal colour scheme – from undertones to skin tone and even hair colour – that will look best when matched to the right makeup shades.

Our very own Special Projects Writer Ilicia decided to pop by Innisfree for a one-on-one colour consultation course and here’s what she learnt!

“I’ve had days where I’m discouraged when products don’t suit my skin tone. They’re either too cool that it looks ashy, or too warm that I start looking like an Oompa Loompa – both looks that are definitely not cute! Evert now  and then, I do find my perfect product and it always feels like I’ve struck gold! The downside is that they’re all over the place and never neatly all together in a palette the way I like it.

So imagine my delight when I found out that Innisfree now has a customisable makeup palette that you can put together yourself from their selection of eyeshadows, correctors, blushers and contours all in one which makes taking your entire face with you totally fuss-free– finally!

To find the perfect shades for me, an Innisfree colour consultant took a look at me and determined that my complexion is yellow-based but actually leaned towards the cool side! (Which explains all my previous colour troubles.)

That’s me!

She then explained that the colours that complemented me are darker shades like navy, black, and grey. As for lip and cheek colours, she told me to go for hues with a blue undertone, like burgundy and blue-based reds. With that in mind, I began picking those recommended shades and I have to say it’s highly accurate!”