FEMALE Tries: The Drugstore Pure Clay Masks That Claim To Transform Skin In 10 Minutes

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There’s just something about a clay mask that everyone loves. Maybe it’s the satisfying feeling of smearing clay all over your face, or the way you can literally feel your skin getting purified as the clay hardens and cracks, or even how clean and glowy your skin looks after washing it all off.

In any case, we’re always game to try a new clay mask whenever it hits the market, so when L’Oréal Paris announced that they were making a new line of clay masks for a  range of skin concerns, we had to get on it straight away.

Source: @lorealskin / Instagram

Made with a combination of clays and botanical extracts, the 4 different L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Masks address different skin problems and claims to give you transformed skin in just 10 minutes. Check out what we thought of the masks when we tried them:

1. Anti-Pores: For oily, shiny skin

Formulated with 3 pure clays including Moroccan lava clay or ghassoul, kaolin and montmorillonite (a creamy green clay known for its purifying and rebalancing properties), this mask deeply penetrates skin to remove impurities and unclog pores, minimising the look of blemishes and imperfections. Eucalyptus also helps to refresh, clarify and soothe the skin.

“It smells so nice! It’s a good mask, it spread really easily and after using it, I noticed a lot less bumps and whiteheads on my nose– even on the next morning. And did I mention the smell? it smells really, really nice.”

– Amalina Anuar, Fashion Writer (combination skin)

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