FEMALE Tries: COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pads

My boyfriend has a problem. As a self-described oily-skinned person, he revolts against the idea of using a moisturiser – despite my protests and insistence that he needs to moisturise.  He gets around it by saturating a cotton pad with his toner and calling it his moisturising step because “it’s wet”.

This has gone on for more than a year. I’d all but given up the fight. But then, a game-changer appeared!

COSRX’s One Step Moisture Up Pads! This unassuming little tub sold out almost immediately when released in Korea earlier in the year, and now, COSRX has caught up with the international demand. After months of waiting, I was thrilled to find out you can now get these at Hermo, yay!


What’s in the box?

70 lightly-textured cotton pads, all saturated in a seriously hydrating essence. According to COSRX, the pads are designed to replenish moisture for all-day hydration, while removing irritants and dead skin cells happy, healthy, smooth skin.

The essence is thick and full of hydrating skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, propolis extract, allantoin, and butylene glycol (an ingredient used in all sheet masks to enhance penetration into the skin). There is no alcohol in this at all, which is fantastic for dry and oily skin.

To boost its exfoliation and cleansing claims, the pads are also fortified with BHA, an exfoliant that dissolves oil and clears pores. Each pad is so saturated with essence, you can easily cut one in two and get twice as much use out of one tub.

So how do they perform?

To use, just swipe a pad on your face, first with the rougher exfoliating side and then with the smoother side to clean up any debris and rehydrate.

After use, the pads leave behind a slight residue that you might be unaccustomed to. It feels like the extra essence after using a sheet mask, only slightly thicker and richer. In this way, using the pads feels slightly different from a traditional cream moisturiser. Thankfully, it absorbs quite well when you pat it in, and you’re left with plump, moisture-filled skin.

Unlike my stubborn boyfriend, I love moisturising. I layer hydrating toners over essences over facial oils, and I have different moisturisers for morning and night. But there’s still room for these pads in my routine!

I use them on days where I feel that my skin has taken a beating (too many hours at the office) and needs a serious boost in moisture. They’re also easier and faster than a sheet mask with comparable effects! When I’m in a rush, I use them to replace my toner, essence, and moisturiser steps.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, uses them as a moisturiser. It doesn’t feel too different from swiping on toner, and he also likes not having to fiddle with tubs or tubes of moisturiser.

But here’s my favourite way to use them:

Keep them next to your bed with a pack of micellar water-infused wipes for those late nights when you get home and you just cannot be bothered with skincare in front of your bathroom mirror.

All you need is one swipe of the wipes to cleanse and remove makeup, followed by one swipe of the moisture pads to exfoliate and moisturise. Done!

The COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pads retail for RM 95 for a tub of 70 pads, which works out to be RM 1.35 per pad.