Reduce Fine Lines After Just One Session Of This Customised Facial | FEMALE Rest & Relax List 2019

Skin’s youth– extended!


Celmonze Appelution Treatment (120 Minutes), RM680

“While the treatment may sound intense upon introduction, the session proved to be a relaxing pampering experience. Prior to the facial, I was told that it focuses on five activation steps: Fast Recharger, Fresh Makeover, Insta Younger, Quick Fixer and Visi-Illuminator, all of which are customisable to target my specific skincare needs.

The treatment features Celmonze’s Appelution formula that contains the Swiss Apple Stem Cell, a potent ingredient that accelerates desired results. The products used were infused into my skin using a Titanium Mesojet device which was very gentle. The therapist was attentive to detail and post-treatment, my face became supple with no heavy feeling, and what’s most important to me: no breakouts afterwards! Before going for this facial, I’ve never given anti-ageing skincare a thought but after seeing how much of a difference this makes in reducing fine lines after only one session, I’m definitely motivated to maintain the radiance on my face!” – Nabila Azlan, Writer

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