FEMALE Goes to Beautycon Festival LA 2016!

FEMALE’s Sr. Beauty Writer Sophira lets you in on a sneak peek tour at the biggest lifestyle & beauty festival.


It’s no secret that most of our time is spent roaming around in the virtual wonderland that is the internet. Looking for a quick beauty tutorial? Sorted. Need some skincare advice? Got it. And through this life-changing platform, we’ve discovered and fallen for some of our fave beauty gurus, creators and brands that keep our hearts thumping and cheering for more. This is where Beautycon comes in.

Showcasing 80+ top brands, influencers (Jenn Im, anyone?) and a room full of fellow makeup junkies, Beautycon LA is a festival that brings together all your web searches in one place – and in real life! And because the motto behind Beautycon is “You don’t need lipstick, lipstick needs you”, of course I had to answer that calling. Thus, I made my way up to the one and only City of Angels to get my beauty game on and experience this whirlwind of an event. The best part? I got to capture some highlight moments of what went down, so check it out below!

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