How To Bake Your Face On A Budget | #FemaleBeautyFaves

We’re talking about fixing your makeup (so it stays in place all day, of course) – so no cookie dough and oven mitts needed! Normally, you would use a setting powder to bake your face so you stay matte and your makeup clings on longer throughout the day. We’ve experimented on it, but one of our favourite YouTuber Raye of ItsMyRayeRaye, tried out baking using baby powder!

So I wanted to give it a go too. Baby powder does the mattifying trick just as well and putting that in mind, this alternative isn’t just purse-friendly, it will also make your face smell so nice! Everyone should hold on to this beauty hack, especially those with oil-prone skin.

What you need: Concealer, beauty blender, baby powder, and powder brush

How to

Step 1: Conceal your undereyes and then with a beauty blender, carefully blend the concealer in.

Step 2: Shake out a bit of baby powder on your palm. Dip in your beauty blender and use it to powder your concealed undereye.

Step 3: Further enhance the blending with a clean powder brush. Quickly finish off by also powdering your forehead, chin and nose.

Watch Raye’s video below.

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