FEMALE Beauty Faves: Voluminous Lashes With Any Mascara

Just close your eyes!

If I told you that the key to lusciously thick, falsies-like lashes was all in the application, would you believe me? What if I said all you needed to do was to close your eyes?

As makeup artist Georgie Eisdell demonstrates, applying your mascara on closed lashes helps build up a really thick and voluminous lash, regardless of the mascara you use. Both Chloe Metzger from Marie Claire and Marci Robin from Allure tested out this trick with amazing results, so I knew I had to check it out!

First, close your eyes slightly and pull the skin of your eyelid taut. Hold your mascara wand close to your lash roots, then wiggle it from side to side in a zig-zag motion as you bring it up across yourlashes. Having your eyes closed lets you get really close to your lashes and wiggling the wand also helps deposit more mascara on each of your lashes, compared to brushing it on straight and upwards.

Check out the technique in action below!