FEMALE Beauty Faves: The Lazy French Girl Look

We’re taking a bit of a break from Victoria’s Secret Angels and Instagram beauty, and going with something a little more low-key and laid-back this week. And when it comes to minimal, laid-back beauty, nobody does it better than the French!

So who better to show you the quintessential lazy French girl look than French it-girl and style star, Jeanne Damas!

1. Imperfect Beauty

Jeanne takes the same slightly polished but not flawless approach to her skin and eyes, opting to place the emphasis on her lips. Think a touch of highlighter, clear brow gel just to set brows in place, concealer only where needed, and curled lashes – no mascara. The result is a my-face-but-better effect– exactly how you’d want to look on a lazy weekend brunch.

2. The French Red Lip

The easiest way to pull off a red lip: with your fingers! Jeanne picks up her colour of choice – usually something red with pink-brown undertones – and pats it on to her lips to create impact without the fuss. And her tip for a really dramatic red lip? Really put it on with your fingers, and clean up the lines with a cotton bud. Simple!

3. Lipstick All Over!

A girl after my own heart, Jeanne really gets the most out of her lipstick by using it as a blush and even an eyeshadow! No fussing about with multiple products or palettes here, just one cohesive, super-chic look.

Watch Jeanne at work in the full video below: