FEMALE Beauty Faves: Simple Glam Look For This Party Season

This is the season to glam up your beauty look with shimmery colours.

It’s time for a glammed-up makeup look this season especially with so many social occasions coming up this time of the year. One good way to jazz it up is to play around with shimmery makeup for that glamorous effect.

Creating a look like this might sound like a lot of effort, but it’s actually much simpler than you think. You don’t need any fancy or bright colours to stand out in the crowd; according to makeup artist and YouTuber Denitslava, brown shades and shimmery nude colours are all we need to create an elegant look for any party occasions.

1. The skin

Before applying any makeup to your face, make sure to prep your skin with a good primer. Denitslava starts off with Huda Beauty Complexion Perfection Primer to keep her skin moisturised. Then, she applies a layer of foundation to even out her skin tone for a healthy and glowing complexion.

Pro tip: Too much foundation on your skin? Denitslava suggests dabbing your beauty sponge on a piece of clean facial tissue to blot off the excess makeup. This will make the sponge absorb more product when you continue blending the foundation and prevent your skin from looking too cakey.

2. The eyes

To create that glistening eye look, she starts off with a cinnamon-brown eyeshadow on her crease and buffs it out lightly along the shape of her eye socket in a circular motion. She lines her lower lash line with this shade too.

Then, she takes a darker brown shade and applies it just below her brow bone. She diffuses both shades by using a big blending brush to blend out the colours and soften any harsh lines for a smoother look.

She also recommends using your finger to dab on a shimmery peach eyeshadow all over your eyelid. This will make the product look much more prominent. After that, she applies a lighter shimmery shade on the middle part of her lid to amplify the look. Next, she uses a clean blending brush and lightly blends the matte and shimmery shades to buff out harsh lines. Lastly, she finishes off with a winged eyeliner and a few coats of mascara.

Watch how Denitslava creates the full look in the video below: