FEMALE BEAUTY FAVES: Selena Gomez’s Cute New Hairdo!

Just when we’re giving up on finding a fresh new hairdo for our next trip to the saloon, Selena blessed us with this uber cute hairstyle! Scrolling through our Instagram feed (as one does during lunchtime), our thumbs stopped at Selena’s new bob and bangs combo which gives off a very fun and youthful charm to this beauty.

We can thank celebrity makeup artist, Hung Vanngo for sharing a series of lively pictures of the starlet on his Instagram. Something is definitely sprucing up for Selena cos Vanngo captioned the picture with ‘Coming soon…’. Although Selena’s new “cut” is probably a wig nevertheless it’s definitely our go-to hair inspo for this coming season.

Coming soon…

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If you’re planning on pulling off this look, here are a couple of tips you need to know for the perfect bob haircare routine.

1. A bob haircut is all about the structure of the hair. Use styling products to maintain the shape of the cut.

2. Unlike long hairdos, this hairstyle requires less brushing. Shorter hair are less likely to get tangled easily, so just use your trusty hands to comb through it.

3. Shorter hair tends to get greasy faster, so opt to either wash everyday or every other day depending on how oily your hair gets.

4. …but dry shampoo is always handy to have around. Just pop one in your handbag to touch up throughout the day.

5. A bob cut is all about maintaining the shape. Depending on how long you want to keep the length of your hair, you can make a trip to the saloon every three to six weeks to maintain the original shape.