FEMALE Beauty Faves: Rihanna’s More-Is-More Makeup Look

We’re fans of the minimalistic aesthetic especially when it comes to our makeup, but that doesn’t mean we don’t also adore unapologetically big over-the-top looks. Or as Rihanna calls it, more is more!

Rihanna has been killing it  at the makeup game lately, with every new release from her Fenty Beauty range flying off the shelves. Which is why when she took to Youtube to demonstrate her makeup routine for Vogue, I hit the Play button faster than anything! And I wasn’t disappointed– Rihanna’s personality is hilarious and you can tell she really knows her makeup, but in a relatable, everyday-person kind of way rather than an expert makeup artist.

So here are the best things I learnt from watching Rihanna do her makeup!

1. Contour the underside of your chin

As Rihanna talks us through her contouring step, she takes the time to point out a spot she never neglects: the underside of her chin, the triangle of skin just above her throat. It’s a part of my body I never thought of before, I’ll admit. But thanks to Rihanna, I pop a bit of contour there too and it does look pretty good! The shadow helps everything stand out a little bit more and elongates the neck.

2. Use bronzer on your eyes

Watching Rihanna’s makeup routine, you realise that she’s a master at mixing and matching her makeup. Makeup is for playing around with after all, she says. One of my favourite things she does is use bronzer on her eyes– it gives her eyes depth and warmth, bringing them to life without clashing with what’s already on her face.

3. Cover up eyebags with eyeshadow

Yes, even the stars get eyebags and Rihanna’s got the best way to deal with it: incorporating them into her makeup look by covering them up with eyeshadow!

2. Fenty Beauty is getting new lipgloss and eyeshadows!

Now this is something I didn’t see coming: Rihanna teasing new products in the middle of her routine! She whips out a new eyeshadow duo compact, a highlighter compact and a super sparkly gloss. No word yet on when these are dropping but you can bet we’re looking forward to it.

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Watch the full video below – you’ll love it.