FEMALE Beauty Faves: One Step To Get Every Drop Out Of Your Tubed Products

Lip glosses, skincare, sunscreen, hand creams, concealers, and even toothpaste come in squeezable tubes, which is hygienic and convenient – until you reach the end of the product. When no amount of squishing and squeezing gets you a drop of product, don’t throw it away yet!

Chances are there’s still some product left in there, stuck to the sides – but how? You could cut it in half to dig out the excess, but that’s messy and unhygienic.

According to Japanese-Australia beauty blogger Tina Tanaka Harris, this super easy tip she picked up from a Japanese TV show will help you get every last drop out of your tubed products- and save you a whole load of money!

All you have to do is push a little air back into the tube to reinflate it, put the cap back on, hold it by the top and give the tube a few firm shakes.

The shakes are enough to dislodge the excess product from the walls of the tube and send it down the tube, where you can squeeze it out. (Spoiler alert: The amount she manages to get out is shocking!)

Check out how Tina does it in the video below!