FEMALE Beauty Faves: Miss Universe’s 5 Tips For A Beauty Pageant Look

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When it comes to joining a beauty pageant, a glamorous makeup look is an important aspect for those who are competing for the crown. But as it turns out, the contestants don’t necessarily receive professional makeovers for the competition!

Filipina beauty queen Catriona Gray who was crowned Miss Universe 2018 revealed she was her own makeup artist for the competition and shared how she did the exact makeup look she wore for her coronation!

Ready to glam up like a champion? Here are five beauty tips you need to know from Catriona’s makeup routine to achieve that award-winning glow!

1. Use an eye cream with a green tint

If you have patches of redness on your skin, an eye cream with a green tint is a great product that kills two birds with one stone as it combats dry skin and covers any redness well. Catriona doesn’t limit the application of eye cream under her eyes only but also around her nose and other parts of the face that are dry and red.

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