FEMALE Beauty Faves: Meghan Markle’s Wedding Look On A Budget

By now, you’ve probably seen Meghan Markle’s beautiful wedding makeup, along with the hundreds of makeup tutorials dedicated to it.

But this tutorial by Amy Serrano stands out for one thing: it uses only affordable, tried-and-tested drugstore products to recreate the look. The result looks stunningly like the one Meghan sported on her wedding day! It helps that Amy already bears a similar resemblance to the new Duchess of Sussex, but this tutorial is full of great makeup tips that’ll leave you feeling as polished as a duchess!

1. Use double primers

For a glowy yet natural finish, don’t pile on the foundation. Primers, however, are a different story. Amy uses a combination of an illuminating and regular primers to create a really smooth, glowing base for a thin layer of foundation, which allows her natural skin to shine through a perfected radiant veil.

2. Brush brows upwards 

Meghan’s brows are strong, yet sophisticated and natural, which gives her a striking, polished look. To recreate this, grab a pencil like Amy and fill in sparse spots and draw on strokes in an upwards motion. This’ll bring out and beautify your natural brow shape. I’ve been going stronger with my brows since seeing this, and I love the effects!

3. Pick the right highlighter

You can still glow even if it isn’t your wedding day! If you want something more subtle than an all-out chrome strobe, pick a highlighter that’s as fine as possible. A cream formula will also melt seamlessly onto your skin. Like Amy, look at your face in the light and see where the light hits it to see where to apply your highlighter.

Watch the full video below to see how Amy finishes the look (complete with fake freckles)!