FEMALE Beauty Faves: Lisa Eldridge’s Take On Glass Skin

Why, you might ask, would anyone want their skin to look like a pane of glass?

If you’ve stayed in touch with Korean beauty trends over the past year, you’ll know that this somewhat odd-sounding trend took the Asian beauty world by storm, us included! ‘Glass skin’ is simply the buzz term given to skin that’s clear, even, and flawless with a glossy luminous sheen. After that, the trend was quickly picked up by Instagram beauty gurus and Youtube vloggers with tutorials on how to get the glassy look with makeup and skincare.

I never expected to see a glass skin tutorial from celebrity makeup artist (and my personal makeup idol) Lisa Eldridge! But when you think about it, Lisa’s full-time position in the industry as Lancome’s creative director and her frequent travels around the world for work combined with her makeup expertise make her the perfect person to break down the glass skin trend.

With that being said, here are Lisa’s insider tips on how to get the definitive glass skin look!

Before and after!

1. Skincare

There are no two ways about it: glass skin is almost all about the right skincare. While you will want to use as little makeup as possible, most of the look will come from skin care and preparing your skin. Lisa’s advice is simple: just do whatever it is that makes your skin look good – whether it’s an exfoliating step, a sheet mask, a massage, or any facial treatment your skin likes.

Tip! If you find yourself looking overly shiny after all that skincare,  a mattifying serum or moisturiser can take the shine down without using visible powdery makeup,

2. Highlighter

When choosing a highlighter, keep in mind the finish you desire– glass skin is all about a pearlescent and translucent glow rather than something glittery and icy. So a liquid highlighter is ideal, because it bounces light back in a way that looks lit from within! You can even mix a touch into your foundation or blush for extra luminosity!

3. Foundations and concealer

If you need some extra coverage from your foundation, don’t pick a flat, mattifying one. Go for velvety finishes with illuminating properties. If in doubt, look for products with the word “radiant” in them– this way, you get the coverage without sacrificing the glow! The same goes for concealer.

Tip! Use a magnifying mirror to catch and correct your tiniest imperfections.

Keep watching to see the makeup look Lisa chooses to emphasise the glassiness of her skin!