FEMALE Beauty Faves: How To Look Good In Every Photo

Gone are the good old simple days of “say cheese”.

It can feel like everyone looks like a professional model on Instagram now, but if you (like me) are still struggling to master the art of the Instagram pose, don’t worry– knowing how to angle your body and how that translates to what a camera lens sees is pretty much a science, which is why entire classes exist dedicated to teach budding models how to pose. Thankfully, you can skip the class and check out this video by designer and blogger Bethany.

She starts with a few posing standards like standing straight (“pretend there’s a marionette string pulling you up from the top of your head”), keep your limbs away from your body and use them to create interesting angles, move your body to stay loose and natural (not awkward!), and to have your photos taken from a lower angle while pointing your chin downwards.

Next, she demonstrates a few of her go-to poses that work for any body type, but looks especially good on someone as petite as her who’d like to look taller!

First, stand at an angle from the camera, relax your front leg and put the weight on your back leg, thenlean your torso back away from the camera.

If you must take a photo straight on, point your toes together, and push a hip out for a more flattering and interesting silhouette.

Finally add a prop – in the shape of a bag! This gives you something to do with your hands, while adding another interesting focus point for the eye.

Watch the full video below, and pose away!