FEMALE Beauty Faves: How To Fake Thick Hair

I’ve always envied and wondered what it’s like to have the thick, voluminous hair of a hair model. To tell you the truth, it took me years of struggling with my thin hair insecurities before I made peace with the fact that thick hair is a result of both the number of hair follicles and the individual thickness of each strand– both things that you are born with.

While I’ve embraced my fine, stick-straight hair, you can actually fake the appearance of thicker hair with the right hair care and styling techniques, as beauty blogger Morgan from TheBeautyBreakdown demonstrates.

Here’s how she did it:

1. Use a scalp scrub

Just like exfoliating your face, giving your scalp a good scrub can help clean out any clogs in your hair follicles, remove product buildup, and stimulate blood circulation– all good  things that get your hair as happy and healthy as they can to grow out.

2. Blow-dry it the right way

Morgan only  starts to blow-dry when her hair is slightly damp, letting it dry naturally and applying leave-in treatments. And to add the most volume, the best thing you can do is to blow-dry your hair from the opposite direction you want it to lie, so  flip your head upside down, reverse your parting and blow your hair that way. Basically, don’t blow your hair down against your scalp.

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3. Make use of long layers and thick curls

A larger-barreled curler will give you more natural, more luscious curls. It also helps to have long layers like Morgan does. With that, curl your shorter layers into the longer ones so each each section of curled hair looks as thick as possible.

Watch her demonstrate the technique full video below!