FEMALE Beauty Faves: How To Draw The Perfect Cat-Eye

A cat-eye is one of the most classic looks in beauty history, yet it’s also arguably one of the most difficult beauty looks to create. A sleek winged cat-eye can elongate the eyes and help you look more awake, so it’s a worthy trick to have in your beauty arsenal! However drawing an eyeliner requires steady hands and immense focus, and it can be tricky to master the razor-sharp precision required for drawing a flawless cat-eye.

If you’re struggling to achieve that dramatic appeal for your eyes, follow Natasha Poly‘s easy steps to creating the perfect cat-eye for any occasion.

Before reaching out to an eyeliner, Natasha makes sure to set the base for her eyelids with a light and seemingly transparent shade of eyeshadow. Using a blending brush, she sweeps some brown eyeshadow on her crease to shape her eye. Then, she curls her eyelashes to make her eyes look larger and brighter.

With a thin pencil eyeliner, she tightlines her eyes by lining her upper waterline to subtly define and thicken the appearance of her eyelashes.

Next, she draws three dots on the corner of her eyes as a guide and connects the dots together to form an outline of the shape of the cat-eye look. She then fills the gap with the same eyeliner.

Lastly, she uses a liquid eyeliner to sharpen the flick for a bold appeal before completing the look with some mascara to add volume to her eyelashes.

Watch how the Russian supermodel does her full-face and perfect cat-eye makeup in the video tutorial below.

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