FEMALE Beauty Faves: Gothamista’s Routine To Instantly Revive Dull Skin

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Get that glow back!

Glowy skin is an ideal the beauty world aspires to. And as much as we can approximate a radiant sheen with a good highlighter, nothing can really beat the true inner glow of rested skin!

But life is getting in the way of your glow, don’t worry. Skincare guru Renée (better known as Gothamista) has a tried-and-tested routine to immediately revive skin.

Renee uses this 5-step method to bring some spring-ready glow back into skin that’s just gone through the winter, but this is also a fantastic way to revive skin if it’s looking a little dull after it’s been put through a rough day at work or too many late nights.

1. Do a facial massage

When cleansing your skin, work in a little facial massage to boost circulation for a glow and reduce puffiness! This will instantly brighten and revive your skin – imagine how rejuvenated you feel after a good massage. A gentle creamy cleanser or cleansing milk will work best for this step.

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