FEMALE Beauty Faves: The Easiest Three-Step Glass Skin Technique

Glass skin is a look characterised by flawlessly smooth and dewy skin, ideally achieved with a long-term healthy skincare routine. But with almost anything, glass skin can be recreated with makeup as well! You’d imagine that it would take quite a lot of effort and technique to do so, but thankfully that’s not true at all. Korean beauty blogger Soo Beauty has a super fast and easy way to get the glass skin look in no time and with just three products!

Here’s how she does it!

1. Sunblock

It goes without saying that sunblock should be the foundation of every single look you wear in the day time. Sun damage is no joke! Here, Soo makes this crucial step work for her glass skin look by picking a sunscreen that also has an illuminating, dewy finish. She uses the Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence by Thank You Farmer.

2. Cushion Foundation

We’ve mentioned before why we love cushions so much: they’re so quick and easy to use. For the glassiest, dewiest finish, Soo recommends picking a moisturising cushion that has enough coverage to look good on your skin.

3. Mist

The final step of Soo’s speedy glass skin look is a facial mist. She says a few spritzes of any facial mist is the easiest way to get a super dewy look immediately. Just remember to place your dewiness strategically – too much dewiness looks messy around the mouth and nose so Soo recommends mattifying those areas with a bit of powder.

And there you have it! Check out Soo’s full video below, and if you have more time, be sure to check out her full-length glass skin beauty routine as well!