FEMALE Beauty Faves: Gemma Chan’s 3 Beauty Tips And Drugstore Buys

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Before starring as Astrid Leong in Crazy Rich Asians, British actress Gemma Chan made a name for herself in a series called Humans, where her flawless beauty and polished acting made her the perfect actress to play the android Anita. Her almost inhuman and striking looks are hard to miss and now, we have a peek into her beauty routine with the tips she shared with Allure as well as her fave British drugstore buys!

Personally, I adore Gemma’s beauty tips as they deal with a lot of the problems most East Asian girls would have dealt with at some time in their lives: from stick straight lashes and hair to finding the ideal lip colour!

1. Her fave beauty tip from Crazy Rich Asians

It’s safe to say that Gemma loved playing Astrid (and did so wonderfully, I might add), and she even managed to get a new favourite lippie out of it to boot.


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“There’s a wonderful kind of pink, peach coral lip color that Astrid wears at the end of the movie, in the engagement party scene,” she says. “It’s a Yves Saint Laurent color that I immediately had to buy. I’ve got it here somewhere. It’s the Tatouge Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain in number 22.”



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