FEMALE Beauty Faves: The Fastest, Easiest Way To Treat A Bad Pimple

No dermatologists or extraction needed!

Pimples are bad, but the worst ones are the deep, inflamed ones that everyone seems to get at least once in a while. When something like this happens, you can either go to a dermatologist to get it extracted, but not everyone has the time or luxury to do so. (Of course, if a pimple is causing you lots of pain, seeing a derm will be your best option.)

So how do you treat it at home? Beauty Youtuber Morgan aka TheBeautyBreakdown has shared her go-to method for treating large and painful pimples.

1. Use a hot compress. 

The heat breaks down the oil and inflammation within the pimple and is a great pain reliever to boot. You can use a dedicated heat pack from a pharmacy, or just do as Morgan does and heat up a wet towel in a microwave.  She recommends holding the compress against the pimple for however long as you can stand it, anything between 20 – 60 minutes in a sitting.

2. Next to draw out all that softened infection, use a acne patch.

These small hydrocolloid stickers are easily available at pharmacies and draw out pus and sebum from the pimple while keeping it clean and sealed away to prevent more infection. The added moist environment also speeds up healing.

As you can see from the before and after photo, the pimple doesn’t disappear overnight but the swelling has gone down and it’s visibly a lot smaller and less angry! Using this method, Morgan says she can clear out a bad pimple witthin a couple of days.

To watch Morgan’s full explanation, check out her video below!