FEMALE Beauty Faves: Everyday Japanese Makeup

Anyone can tell you what the standard K-beauty look is, but how much do you know about the Japanese counterpart, J-beauty?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the everyday Japanese look. It always looks polished, healthy, and natural with not a single thing too over the top. It’s also a practical look, optimised to take up as little time as possible but last for a full day out.

While Nekoten is not a full-time beauty blogger, her techniques and finished look are definitely very similar to what I’ve seen from other Japanese beauty bloggers and also what I noticed the Japanese girls were wearing in Tokyo. Think simple yet pretty eyes, a softly flushed complexion, and lightly tinted glowing lips.

Nekoten starts with an interesting cushion foundation tip: she applies it with a brush rather than the included puff for a thinner, more natural finish. Cushion foundations tend to be thinner than liquid ones, so depositing  it on with a brush will leave you with a light, glowy finish that’s still perfecting in the most natural way.

Eyeshadow is also a simple affair. Nekoten, like many Japanese girls, creates a simple gradient with a shimmery shadow palette, lining both her top and bottom lash. Eyeliner is kept thin and close to the lash, with a minimal wing– just enough to define the eye. Unsurprisingly, her mascara choice is also my holy grail: the Heroine Make Long & Curl.

The first thing you might think of about J-beauty is the blush placement! And you would be right– Nekoten places her blush all along the underside of her eye, even taking it up to the sides of her nose, which she says helps contour it in a simple way.

Watch the full video below (and hit the CC button for English subtitles!)

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