FEMALE Beauty Faves: Easy Steps To Shrink Enlarged Pores At Home

    As I was looking at my face through the mirror of my compact powder ready to touch up, I brought the mirror closer and noticed that my pores looked seemingly larger than it was before. I let out an internal shriek!


Photography: unsplash/Abdi Lopez

Enlarged pores are due to excessive sebum or decreased in skin’s elasticity. When your pores collect oils and combined with makeup and dirt, it can result in clogged pores. Which then expands the pores creating a bigger hole. Although it doesn’t possess any health threats and we shouldn’t make such a big deal out of it, self care is important if it makes you feel good about yourself. #YouDoYou!

Korean YouTuber, Una shared with her viewers her unique way of reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. I’m really excited to try this one out cos it looks really easy to do at home.

The key things that you need are Aloe Vera gel (preferably 95% pure), a chilled towel, peeling mask and some facial exercises. Click below to watch her full tutorial.