FEMALE Beauty Faves: How To Actually Do Modern Korean Makeup Trends

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With the Korean wave in full force across the globe, it’s hard to go without hearing about Korean beauty trends. Some manage to pull it off, while others… not so much. Like any fashion or beauty trend that’s specific to a country, it evolves and changes with time, but it’s easy to fall out of the loop if you aren’t keeping up to date with the latest looks.

Thankfully, Korean beauty vlogger DAS is here to show you which beauty looks are actually trending in Korea right now and how to do them right.

“Korean makeup tends to be very natural. It’s all about enhancing your natural beauty,” DAS explains. But she’s also quick to establish that everyone should wear the kind of makeup that they like and feel comfortable. With that being said, there are certain misconceptions about what Korean makeup trends really are, and DAS gets right into it.

1. Straight brows

Straight brows are still in, but to keep them looking natural, you’ll need to pick the right colour. According to DAS, the perfect colour is a shade lighter than your hair colour but still darker than your skin colour. Likewise, your eyeliner should also be kept soft and blended.

“The softer it is, the better it is,” she says.

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