FEMALE Beauty Faves: A Glitter-Free K-Beauty Glow

Nothing gives away an “I woke up like this” glowy look like visible chunks of glitter. Don’t get me wrong– we love a great metallic sheen, but there are times when you just want a totally au naturel glow!

If that’s what you want too, this is the tutorial for you. Korean beauty blogger Sobong shares how she gets a perfect glitter-free dewy glow. It all comes down to using the right textures.

1. Use a lot of creamy textures, and as little as powder as possible. From your foundation to concealer, blush and contour, cream is the way to go if you want a natural glow. If you must mattify, do it strategically– pinpoint your powder only where you need it. Sobong uses powder just to blur out the edges of her contour and blush.

2. To create depth and natural volume, Sobong uses a darker shade of foundation to contour her face. Blending with a damp beauty blender also helps with the ultra glowy finish.

3. Now the key to the whole look: the highlight! For a glitter-free finish, try using a gloss instead of your usual highlighter. Trust us on this: a lip gloss, eye gloss (like Sobong does) or even simple Vaseline will leave you with the perfect glowy, no-makeup highlight. Think the natural sheen you get from sweat, without the mess!

4. Finally, use a dewy setting spray to set everything. All those creamy,  glossy products are great for this dewy glowing look, but it has its downsides: without powder, the look can melt and break down really easily, warns Sobong. Using a setting spray throughout the look will help it last as long as you need it to.

Watch how to get the full look below!