Welcome To FEMALE’s Beauty Awards

At the FEMALE HQ, the beauty awards can somewhat feel like Christmas time with all the glorious and shiny beauty products arriving to be tested every day. But as fun as it may seem, it’s a gruelling job trying out hundreds of serums, lotions, lipsticks, liners and the likes – but someone’s got to do it! Now after months of testing, our Beauty Awards winners have been crowned and you’ll find out which products we think reign supreme.


FEMALE Beauty Awards 2017 is back!


Wonder what actually goes into the making of a project like this? Check out these facts:


Based on their appearance in FEMALE over the past year, products that have been featured in the magazine are categorised into specific groups. This got us up to 81 CATEGORIES this year!


The project took over 6 MONTHS OF COORDINATION (that’s half of our year gone!) from the time the products were nominated to when they were distributed to the judges for testing and when the verdicts were finalised. Online voting ran for a month online and this year, we got up to 912 VOTES!


Taking their love for beauty seriously, our hardworking judges worked together to fight for the deserving winners. Read more about them here:


While there were some occasional disagreements on which products deserved this prestigious accolade along the way, important decisions had to be made, which led us into revealing 162 WINNERS that include both readers’ and judges’ picks!

Ready to find out which products took home the top prize?

Check out our full list of winners here!