Easiest Ways To Remove Facial Hair

There’s no need to be shy, some hair on your face is perfectly normal – albeit a little annoying. Here are the easiest and best chemical-free ways to get rid of it.


If you just have a few stray ‘stache or chin hairs, you can just pluck them with tweezers as you do your brows. Anything more than a few strands though, and tweezing can get impractical.


In that case, you might like an epilator. An epilator is basically a battery-powered tweezer. As you run the head over your skin, the device’s arms grip hairs and pull them out. Because it pulls from the roots, hair doesn’t grow back as fast – though using it can be painful at first. Being an electric device however, it’s one of the priciest hair removal-methods. Models can cost up to RM 600!


Lots of girls swear by threading – the use of expertly-wielded threads to pluck hair off your face. If you can’t make it to a salon to get threaded, you can do it yourself at home with this little contraption!

It’s called a spring hair remover or epistick, and you can easily find them online. You place the spring against your face and twist the arms to contract the spring and pull out your hair.

It’s a bit hard to explain, so here’s a video.

Facial Hair Removal +Demo |MissTiffanyKaee(source)

The key is to not steal your boyfriend’s razor. Traditional multi-blade razors are too big and unwieldy. Use these instead:

These tiny adorable razors have been beloved by Japanese ladies for years and you can easily find a pack at Daiso. They’re often sold as eyebrow razors, but you use them all over your face. Their form factor gives you better control compared to a traditional razor blade.

Facial oil or even cleansing oil works splendidly in the place of shaving cream to ensure a smooth shave. Once you’re all oiled up, just run the razor over your face in gentle scraping motions!

5 Benefits to Shaving Your Face | TINA YONG(source)

As with all shaving techniques, hair will regrow in a few days. But it’s so effortless, you won’t mind having to do it every week or so. Shaving like this is a mild form of exfoliation – salons call it dermaplaning – and fans of the technique say it leaves your skin smooth and glowing.


After care

Once your face is baby-smooth and hairless, don’t forget to take care of it. All hair removal methods will stress and irritate the skin, so your face will need some extra TLC to prevent in-grown hairs, pimples, or clogged pores.

  • Always remove hair from a freshly-cleansed face. If dirt gets into an open hair follicle, that’s a pimple waiting to happen.
  • A bit of redness after hair removal is normal. Reduce inflammation and minimise infection by applying an antiseptic or steroid cream.
  • You can also soothe freshly-shaved skin with aloe vera gel, witch hazel water, or a soothing toner.