This Eyeliner Trick Will Make You Love Your Monolids

Us Asian girls most probably have single-lidded eyes, or monolids.

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Monolidded eyes are missing the fold of skin in the upper eyelid that creates the famous crease we keep hearing about in makeup tutorials. Without this crease getting in the way, it’s easy to create really showy, gorgeous eyeshadow looks.

But monolids come with their own set of makeup problems as well, especially when it comes to eyeliner. Monolids are often hooded with a fold of fat that closes in on itself when the eye is open, which leads to this very unique eyeliner problem: it just vanishes. Completely.

Turns out this comic isn’t too far off the mark!

According to Korean beauty guru Dasha Kim, monolid eyes really do need a thick line of eyeliner to be visible. The key then, she says, is how to make it look natural. She demonstrates this technique in a helpful video!


1. Before Dasha starts, she defines the eye with a light wash of eyeliner. Imagine contouring, but for your eyes. Use a matte eyeshadow in a light peachy shade to define your crease simply by buffing over your lid. Apply a slightly darker shade in the outer corner, and buff inwards and upwards towards the inner corner of your eye.


2. For eyeliner to be visible on monolids, you need “a really thick line”, says Dasha. To keep it looking natural, Dasha recommends using a brown gel liner. Draw it on thick with closed eyes, so it’s visible when opened. P.S. If you’re having trouble finding the right thickness, try this tip.

This serves as an outline for your next steps, so don’t worry if the edges aren’t perfectly neat. Just keep filling in your line.

When you open your eyes, it should look like this. Aren’t monolids amazing?


3. We’re not done yet. Now, set your liner with a dark matte brown eyeshadow. Do this by gently patting on the shadow over the gel line.


4. Then use a lighter brown shadow to blend out the upper edges of the liner to soften any harshness. This is the key to pulling off thick eyeliner, says Dasha.

Blending out helps your liner look more like eyeshadow rather than an overly thick line of eyeliner! This is the look you’re going for:


5. Finally, sharpen and define the line with black liquid liner applied close to the lash line and on the bottom edge of your wing. Again, soften this line by blending it out with matte black shadow.

And you’re done!

Watch the full video below to see how to glam it up with a touch of well-placed shimmery shadow and false lashes!