How To Do The Easiest, Longest-Wearing Gradient Lip

This gradient lip isn’t going anywhere!

There’s something about that flushed, just-sucked-a-popsicle look that has stood the test of time.  But such a sweet look doesn’t always come easy– we’ve had our fair share of struggling to blend out a stubborn, quick-setting tint, or having our painstakingly applied gradients vanish within the hour.

At a recent video shoot with Dior, we couldn’t help but notice that Dior’s makeup artist, Lavynia Tam, had on the most gorgeous, effortless gradient lip that didn’t budge all throughout the full day shoot! Of course, we had to ask her how she did it.

Turns out you only need two things:

1. Dior Lip Glow

Photography: Instagram | @diormakeup

While any lip balm helps moisturise and condition your lips so your tint goes on smoothly, Dior’s legendary Lip Glow has the added ability to slightly tint your lips to a perfect, healthy shade of pink. (Or coral or berry!)  When it comes to a gradient lip, this can really help with blending – like lubricant for your lips – to get the perfect seamless gradient.

2. Rouge Dior Liquid

Photography: Instagram | @diormakeup

Just dab on a little of this newly-launched liquid matte lipstick along the inner parts of your lip. It’s super pigmented but gives you plenty of time to blend it out before it sets to a long-wearing stain. And don’t worry about any unflattering dryness– it really isn’t a problem with this lightweight liquid!

And that was it! Literally done in 5 minutes, with no fuss at all. Thanks, Lavynia and Dior!

Lavynia at work!