Decode Your Acne

Where there is a spot, there is a warning sign from your internal organs.

A pimple is generally formed when the excessive sebum trapped in your pores gets infected by bacteria and it becomes an inflammation (hence that striking red spot in the middle on your face). But according to a traditional Chinese medicine belief, the location of your acne could have underlying meanings – literally.

If moles can determine your fate and fortune in life, then pimples can be a sign of which of your insides are deteriorating in health. So if you have a strict cleansing regime and no itchy hands, these could be what your pimple is trying to tell you instead.

face mapping for acne

Photo: TheBeautyGypsy

Zone 1 & 2: Forehead – Digestive system

Been snacking on a lot of junk food and indulging in an unhealthy fatty diet? Well, now you know why that zit is there. Reducing your intake of these kind of food, drinking more water and eating cooling items such as cucumbers can help. Also, try chewing more thoroughly to improve your digestion.

Zone 3: Between the brows – Liver

Time to cut down on the alcohol, greasy stuff and dairy products. In addition, be sure to catch up on your snooze time to give your liver a nice break. The liver also works the strongest between 1AM to 3AM so being asleep before that time zone would be ideal.


Photo: Typef

Zone 4, 5, 7 & 8: Around the eyes – Kidney

This includes your ears (if you do get a zit or two there) and dark circles. They could generally mean that you are dehydrated, so be sure to gulp down on your liquids, and by that, we mean more H20 and less coffee and alchohol.

Zone 6: Nose – Stomach and Heart

The middle part indicates stomach problems whereas the tip of your nose could be hinting about your heart. Check your blood pressure and try to decrease your intake of spicy food (we know that’s hard) and meat.


Photo: TheWritersAlleys

Zone 9 & 10: Cheeks – Respiratory system

If you smoke, that could be the reason, but otherwise you probably just need more fresh air. Also, it helps to cut down on sugar and add more cooling foods into your diet.

Zone 11 & 12: Jaw area – Hormones

Well, this one can’t really be helped. Stress and hormonal changes are the main culprits for pimples on this part of your face, but here’s a fun fact: it also indicates when you’re ovulating and on which side. Be sure to drink more water, get more sleep and try to keep calm to decrease the effect.


Photo: Mirror UK

Zone 13: Chin – Stomach

Indigestion problems? It’ll show on your chin! Up the fibre intake and maybe indulge in a cup of herbal tea to ease your tummy.

Zone 14: Neck – Illness

A breakout on your neck may not be common, but apparently it’s a sign that your body is fighting off bacteria that’s trying to get you sick. Time for a break!


Of course, these are all just a possible indications and do not directly mean that you have a heart or liver problem just because a pimple decides to pop up on your nose or between your eyebrows. Sometimes, it can also be due to your diet, the makeup you’re using, bad beauty habits or an unhygienic environment (i.e. the screen protector on your phone or your unwashed pillowcase from a month ago). Since prevention is always better than cure, it wouldn’t hurt to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet for the benefit of your health and, of course, skin.


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