The Concealers Under RM40 That Will Actually Hide Dark Circles

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I have bad dark circles.

Like really bad.

I’m pretty sure they’re always going to be there, because no amount of sleep or expensive skincare has made them look any better. Interestingly, while the eyebags of my sleep-deprived teenage years have certainly faded with my more mature and healthy sleeping schedule, the darkness under my eyes have remained. Besides eyeliner, the one makeup step I absolutely cannot do without is a good undereye concealer. When I give the concealer a miss, I never fail to get comments about how tired I am or polite enquiries after my health.

But a good concealer is hard to find. I’ve tried so many that either put on a sheer wash of insipid flesh-coloured pigment, go on unflatteringly dry and cakey, or fade away in an hour.

It took literal years for me to find concealers that could actually work on my nightmarish dark circles. So once again, trust me when I say these concealers actually work to hide dark circles. And you know me: I love my budget beauty, so these amazing concealers won’t cost you more than RM40.

Let’s go!

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