A Celebration Of Love With Dior’s New Miss Dior Perfume

Dior showcased an ode to love at the Malaysian launch of the new Miss Dior perfume.

On a warm September evening, Dior launched their new Miss Dior perfume in a true celebration of love!

The gallery-like space of Le Blanc on Jalan Maarof served as the perfect backdrop for the love-filled dinner. Black-and-white portraits of the celebrities and personalities from the Dior Love Chain campaign filled the space and the campaign videos played to set the mood while the guests mingled and signed their portraits. It was a beautiful culmination of the Dior Love Chain campaign indeed!

The star of the show of course was the brand new revised Miss Dior perfume, a sparkling floral fragrance reimagined and hand-crafted to be an ode to love. With notes of rose, citrus, pink peppercorn, and rosewood notes, it’s an elegant yet spirited and modern fragrance that we fell in love with at first sniff!

Soon, we moved upstairs for dinner. Chef Nathalie of Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio catered a beautiful four-course dinner, starting with mushroom soup, followed by fois gras on brioche, before the main course.

Throughout our delightful dinner, we were treated to the short speeches, and everyone had a good laugh at the exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the Dior For Love campaign we shot in our studio. We even got to enjoy a live performance by actress and singer Chelsia Ng, who sang an original song that she wrote specially for the campaign!

Finally, we were served dessert, a lovely pink concoction of white chocolate and raspberry ice cream that captured the sweetness of Miss Dior perfectly!

Check out the best snaps of the night below!

Thanuja and Anuja Ananthan

Tengku Chanela Jamidah and Didie Nasir of DIDA Cosmetics

Tengku Chanela Jamidah and Didie Nasir with their portraits

Carey Ng and Roen Cian with their portraits

Sazzy Falak and husband Nazril Idrus

Rubini Sambanthan and Shan Ratnam

Celest Thoi, Natalia Ng, Jamie Ng, and Tengku Chanela Jamidah

The new Miss Dior perfume

Celest Thoi, Lim Ai San, and Bernie Chan thoroughly enjoying the Miss Dior perfume

Dinner and entertainment!

Chelsia Ng and Ming performing

An enjoyable dinner

Guests enjoying the Behind The Scenes bloopers!

Emily Quak and husband Jason

Faa Firds and husband Afif

Sazzy Falak and husband Nazril

Emily Quak and husband Jason