If You Like Athleisure, Braids Are The Perfect Hairstyle For You

From old school to new cool: forget traditional pigtails cos this elementary hairstyle has graduated to suit grown-ups with several added twists- literally. If you’re always at the gym or if you’re simply a fan of athleisure, this is the hairstyle you’re gonna wanna rock! Take cues, stat.

Add attitude and power to your regular plaits by parting your hair in the centre to create two equal sections. Then, start with small, tightly-woven French braids at the roots that gradually grow larger towards the ends.

Channel your inner badass ballerina by sporting two twisted topknot buns instead of one. The fearless factor: cute-but-complicated cornrows visibly displayed underneath each side.


Tell an interesting tale through your tresses by combining more than one type of plait to craft a visually-appealing effect from every angle. Just like this bold, pulled-back braid at the crown that turns into a twisted ponytail from the nape of the neck onwards.


For a romantic take, leave all your hair down except for two small sections near the front. Create a skinny braid on each side and secure the ends with an elastic tie. Blow-dry the rest of your locks as usual. Optional: loosen an overnight braid in the morning for a wispy, bohemian wave.


Turn heads and earn second takes when you sit on the front-row mat in your next yoga or Pilates class by sporting this graphic criss-cross shape at the back of your hair. Keep the twisted plaits in place with a few spritzes of hairspray.


From spin class to post-workout brunches, flaunt this pair of fishtail braids that’ll stay in place no matter what thanks to the hidden tail. How? By inverting it and then tucking it in-between the braids. Leave a few strands of fringe hanging out for an effortless vibe.

From the print edition. Text by Joanna Pinto.