The Body Shop Needs Your Signature To End Animal Testing Worldwide

In its 30 years in Malaysia, The Body Shop has done some pretty impressive stuff. I’m not just talking about how their Tea Tree Oil saved many a teenager’s puberty-wrought pimples though, but of their seriously impressive charitable track record.

They’ve worked to save our endangered Malayan tigers, end child trafficking, legislate the animal welfare act in Malaysia, and more. And let’s not forget their staunch bravery in supporting marginalised communities – such as the urban poor and the LGBT community – in Malaysia.

Now, in their most ambitious campaign yet, they’re trying to do something completely revolutionary. Together with The Body Shop worldwide and the non-profit organisation Cruelty Free International, they’re campaigning for a global ban on animal testing on products and ingredients by 2020.

To do so, they need 8 million signatures on a petition that they will take all the way to the United Nations, requesting an international convention banning cosmetics testing on animals. If they succeed, the ban will revolutionise the beauty industry and protect millions of animals around the world. The Body Shop has always prided themselves on being 100% Vegetarian and cruelty-free, and they’ve championed animal welfare for as long as they’ve been around, so it was really only a matter of time before they would attempt something this huge.

“The Body Shop passionately believes that no animal should be harmed in the name of cosmetics and that animal testing on products and ingredients is outdated, cruel and unnecessary. This is why The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International have partnered to deliver the largest and most ambitious campaign ever to seek a global ban on the use of animals to test cosmetic products and ingredients,” Jessie Macneil-Brown, Senior Manager International Campaigns and Corporate Responsibility of The Body Shop.

Some facts on animal testing:

  • 80% of countries still have no laws against animal testing in cosmetics.
  • Just one product can involve testing on up to 1,400 animals. (Source: OECD)
  • Every year, around 500,000 animals are used in tests for cosmetic purposes. (Source: Cruelty Free International)
  • Cosmetics in Malaysia are regulated by the country’s Medicines (Cosmetic Products) Regulations 2007. Malaysia is a member of ASEAN, and there is currently no ban on animal testing in this region.
  • Traditional animal tests have never been validated for their use in reliably detecting the safety of cosmetic products and ingredients.
  • There are now modern alternatives such as artificially grown human skin, that are, in the majority of cases as effective as the animal test they replace and have been validated by authorities.

What can you do?

If you support the ban of animal testing worldwide, sign the petition! You can either do that:

  • Online here
  • Or at any of The Body Shop’s stores in Malaysia and across the world.
  • Share the petition with your friends to get as many signatures as you can!

For more info, check out The Body Shop Malaysia’s campaign page, Facebook, and Instagram.


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