These Are The Best Air Puff Hacks We’ve Ever Seen!

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Air puffs are the bomb! This understated beauty tool can totally work wonders. You’ll usually find them for free as applicator puff for cushion compacts, but they are also so much more. These babies are great at blending your foundation for a poreless, smooth finish but we hadn’t thought about using it for anything else until we saw these tips from beauty Youtuber, Morgan from TheBeautyBreakdown.

Honestly, it seems like the number of hacks you can do with this little thing is endless! we didn’t realise there were so many uses to this circular soft cushion puffs.

With that, below are five of our favourite ways of using our air puffs:

1. No Undereye Creases

To avoid getting creases under your eye area when applying concealer, spritz some facial mist to dampened the puffs and pat on the concealer to reveal a smooth and moisturised finish. You can also set the concealer with powder by applying it with the same damped puffs. Hello, crease-free under eyes!

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