Benefit’s National Brow Artist Talks Brows And Makeup Must-Haves!

 Brows on point!

A brand leading the brow game is none other than Benefit. We spoke to the newest addition to the company, National Brow Artist Shanice Yong on her collaboration and the importance of well-groomed brows.


FEMALE: What made you say yes to such an iconic brand?

Shanice: “I mean, come on! Benefit is iconic for a reason. First of all, the products are very compatible with my skin and it doesn’t irritate it or cause breakouts. Also, I love how the packaging is not only unique but also interesting. It’s definitely worth every single sen!”

F: When did you start playing with makeup and what was the first product you purchased?

S: “I started playing with makeup ever since I was seven! My first makeup product was a concealer. I still remember how insecure I got because of my heavy dark circles and I would find ways to cover them up. My current obsession is the Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer!”


F: So what’s your all-time favourite Benefit product?

S: “It’s so hard to just pick one. I can’t leave the house without putting these on: the Goof Proof Brow Pencil, POREFessional PRO Balm and Galifornia Blush. These are my holy grail products.”


F: Why do you think that brows are the most important part of the face?

S: “Eyebrows can make your eyes pop. They frame the face, proportioning it out, creating a perfect symmetry and what’s better, they lift your eyes too.”

 F: Out of the four different brow styles from Benefit, which is your favourite and why?

S: “I personally love the bold and angular style. It’s trending on runways and I love it because it defines my entire look with makeup on.”

F: Have you ever had a horrible eyebrow job? How did you salvage it?

S: “Oh God, yes! I’m pretty sure everyone has encountered a horrible brow job at least once in their lifetime. What I did was to let my brows grow out and got them reshaped by a professional. The Browvo Conditioning Primer definitely helped my brows grow thicker and fuller.”

F: What is your favourite beauty trend?

S: “Natural beauty! Not completely bare faced, but very light makeup to enhance my features and avoid looking dull. In addition, you can get away with little to no makeup if your brows are shaped properly!”

From the print edition. Original text by Ilicia Alias.