Benefit Cosmetics’ Virtual Brow Tool Will Show You What You Look Like With Any Brow Style

We’ve all heard it before: brows frame the face. By that logic, they can also drastically change your face.  Just by changing up your brow style – arched or straight, full or thin, rounded or sharp – can make you look like a totally different person. So when you think about experimenting with your brows, I wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little daunted! It’s a big step, after all.

Well, now you can get a glimpse into your brow future without committing to the big snip thanks to Benefit’s new Brow Try-On Tool! The nifty tool lets you try on a variety of brow styles and shapes, using technology to digitally alter your brows.

Just head on over to to try it out! First, you’ll need to upload a photo of your face. For best results, use a photo of yourself facing the camera with good lighting, or snap a selfie from within the tool.

I was surprised to see that the tool correctly identified all the points of my brows– from the starts and ends to even the arch and tail. The wonders of technology never cease.

After that, it’s as simple as seeing what different brows look like on your face as the tool alters your brows to fit! You can choose from pre-sets or manually adjust the colour, arch, thickness, definition, and even placement of your virtual brows.  I wouldn’t say it looks 100% authentic, but as a preview, it’s better than flying blind.  

Photo: Allure / Benefit Cosmetics

Now that you’ve picked your perfect brow shape, you can take a screenshot to show your  beautician or Benefit beauty counter and have it shaped, or keep it handy while you do your makeup. Or, like me, just try on all sorts of wacky brows and send them to your friends.