Beauty Q&A: Are there any simple tricks to ‘slim down’ my face?

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“I’m hitting my 30s and I’ve still got chubby, baby-fat cheeks. While it’s great that people think I’m younger than my actual age, I envy women with sharp cheekbones — they look so sexy! I don’t like the ‘made-up’ look of contouring. Can you suggest simple tricks to ‘slim down’ my face?”


Firstly, thank your genes for blessing you with ‘full’ cheeks! Drew Barrymore and Charlize Theron are known for their round face shapes and look younger than their age because of this feature. Remember that infamous picture of Kim Kardashian contouring her face? It doesn’t have to be that complicated. Contouring simply means using darker shades on your shadow zones to make them recede and illuminators on your light zones to highlight them.
Your shadow zones refer to your temples, hollows of your cheekbones, sides of the nose and jawline. Light zones include the upper cheekbones, nose bridge, Cupid’s bow and brow bones. Before contouring, apply primer so it lasts the whole day. For a natural look, use a darker shade of foundation instead of bronzer.

Start by applying foundation, leaving the hollows of your cheeks bare (suck your cheeks in to find the sunken part beneath your cheekbones). Then apply a darker foundation on the hollow areas. Use a brush or your fingers to blend for a seamless contour. Finally, use illuminator or concealer two shades lighter (for a really natural look) on your light zones and set with loose powder.




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