Beauty Lookbook: A Springtime Love

A reinvention of classic bridal looks, this is springtime with all the raw beauty of nature.

Take heart from a woodland faerie and braid flowers into this no-frills side-braid. To start, backcomb hair and divide into three equal sections. Twist these strands together neatly and secure the bottom with a hairtie. Loosen the plait and pull a few strands from the sides for a sexy, gloriously undone look. Tuck in flowers as you please.

Dark oxblood lips and darker eyes add just a touch of danger and shadow-kissed beauty. First, conceal lips to create a neutral base and outline with lipliner in a shade that matches your lipstick. Fill in lips with a flat brush for flawless application. Accent eyes with a smoulder of black on your outer creases.

This sleek bun will make you feel like a princess - elegant, imperious, and full of grace. Create a deep side part, then comb hair back and tie into a low ponytail. Secure hair in place with hair spray before twisting into a knot to form a three-fold bun. Tuck in the ends neatly with bobby pins, and spray with hairspray for a flawless, gleaming sheen.

Take on one of Spring's biggest trends by adding freckles to your complexion! Use a brow pencil rather than eyeliner for a softer, more realistic look. Draw subtle light spots around your cheeks, nose bridge and eyebrows before sealing with loose powder. With heavy-lashed clear eyes, you'll look like a dappled springtime fawn.

From the print edition. Text and styling by Vasenta Selvanayagam.