Beauty Lookbook: In The Heat

Flushed heat-kissed skin, tousled hair, sultry smouldering eyes. We’re taking our beauty inspiration from the best moments in the bedroom. These are the moments caught between overture and encore; a quiet lull in the act. All it takes is a few soft touches for you to become a feast for his eyes.

Forget the art of contouring for a hot second, but rather, focus on flaunting alluring, heated skin. Blend your blusher on the apples of your cheeks going up along the cheekbone. The edges should look diffused, as if the colour were to seamlessly fade off to your skin tone.

Prep washed hair with a volumising styling cream before blow-drying. Curl sections of hair using a 4cm-thick curling wand and once you’re done, softly comb through them with your fingers. Instead of hairspray, spritz your strands with texturising spray and scrunch them up for a fuller, airy finish.

If there’s ever a time that runny mascara and liner seems the sexiest, this would be it – and a hot rumble in the sack will do just the trick for you. Line your upper and lower lash line with a gel or pencil liner before swiping on mascara. With a smudge brush, run it along the lash lines for a slight fallout mess.

Look the ultimate bed-head chic by spraying on a texturising product, scrunching your hair as you go. Then section off the top half of your mane (starting right above your ears) and twist it into a bun at the crown of your head, securing it with an elastic band.

Create your usual smoky eye with a heavy-handed combination of taupe shadow as the base with a black shadow layered on it and buffed to perfection. The key to this smouldering gaze is a hint of shine so, for the finishing touch, lightly pat on a smidge of lip balm over your lids.

It’s sexy, it’s imperfect… what more can we say? It’s a red lip that’s playfully undressed. Apply a vibrant hue of your choice and then with your finger, gently caress the outline of your lip to blur the rim and top it off with a swipe of translucent gloss.

From the print edition. Text and styling by Sophira Chong.