Venice Min’s Must-Haves For A Dewy Complexion | FEMALE Beauty Awards 2018

A ballet teacher turned model, and now Malaysia’s It girl, this stunner has beauty and fashion brands clamouring to work with her. Our Beauty Awards 2018 judge Venice Min brings her vast knowledge of South Korean beauty to the mix!

If you’re an avid user of Instagram, this beauty has probably popped up on your Explore page. Aside from her travels around the globe and impeccable fashion sense, Venice is also a beauty enthusiast. We chat with her to find out her go-to products and how to achieve that youthful glow.

FEMALE: What are your go-to products to achieve a dewy look when you’re on-the-go?

VENICE: Many people might have said this before but I can’t agree more; glowing skin starts with skincare. If your complexion is well taken care of, then it will radiate from within. I turn to the Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask to soothe and brighten the skin. Oh, not forgetting hydrating sheet or sleeping masks too!

F: What’s the most surprising product that you’ve tried from this year’s Beauty Awards?

V: I’d have to say the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream cos you see results in an instant! Just leave it on for five minutes and you’ll notice your skin instantly brightened, smoother and plump.

F: If you had to give one up, eyebrows or eyeliner, which would it be? 

V: Eyeliner! An eyebrow product enhances my features so I can never give that up!

F: What does beauty mean to you?

V: Beauty means something or someone that pleases the sight or the heart. I think beauty has been perceived to have a vague meaning. In most cases, it refers to an appearance but that isn’t always the case, it’s also how a person makes you feel.

F: Who is your beauty icon and why?

V: If I had to pick, I would go with Blake Lively. Her aura and her fashion style is amazing!

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