This Moisturiser Will Give You The Healthiest Complexion

Get hydrated!

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence

FEMALE Beauty Awards Readers’ Choice For Best Hydrating Serum

The thing about dry skin is that you don’t realise you have it until it’s too late and you find people commenting on why your foundation looks patchy. Sound’s a tad embarrassing, doesn’t it?

Now, trust us, you’ll never have this issue once you incorporate this serum into your beauty routine. Harnessing the power of vegetables; more specifically, green mineral water extracted from kale, garden cress and beetroot, a few drops of this after applying your toner will charge the skin with a burst of moisture, which stays on your face for the rest of the day. Its texture is lightweight and absorbs right into your skin, leaving a cool, refreshing sensation once it’s applied on.

DID YOU KNOW? Garden cress possesses antioxidant properties and makes the skin look clear and radiant, which is what you’ll get with continuous usage of this treat!

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