These Coloured Contacts Will Turn Up Your Charm!

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Blincon Blossom Series

FEMALE Beauty Awards Judges’ Choice For Best Cosmetic Contact Lens


Wouldn’t it be a blessing if we could change our eye colour temporarily to match our mood or makeup looks? While technology hasn’t gotten that far just yet, we’re glad we’ve got coloured contact lenses to do the job!

Just like regular contacts, coloured ones will need to feel as comfortable as possible for daily use – of course, having the option to switch up the style doesn’t hurt too! That’s why we’re all for Blincon’s Blossom series. With two different options; a selection with fine black border and one without, the colours are all kept natural with Blossom 2 being more prominent on the pupil.

Coming in Blue, Green, Brown, Grey and Choco (exclusively for Blossom 2) to match your look, they’re really comfy with a water content of 40 per cent. Plus, they don’t even strain or dry out your eyes when you’re wearing them on longer days!

TIP! If you’re going for a natural makeup look, any colour from the Blossom selection would be perfect. But if you want your eyes to pop, then go ahead and pick one from the Blossom 2 range!

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