Meet The Power Moisturiser That Will Transform Your Skin

All in one!

Derma-Rx Intensive Moisturiser

FEMALE Beauty Awards Judges’ Choice For Best Hydrating Moisturiser

If you’re working your skin too hard, not giving it the rest it needs and constantly exposing it to harmful elements like pollutants or even air-conditioning at work, your skin is bound to lose its moisture and radiance over time.

To keep that at bay, make sure you’re nourishing your skin with a high-performing, intensive moisturiser like this one. Formulated with ultra-hydrating ingredients, the rich yet light and non-greasy gel texture does the trick at keeping your skin moisturised, soft and supple all day long. Not only that, the formula soothes and protects skin at the same time with bisabolol to relieve any redness or irritation, and high levels of ceramides to reinforce your skin’s natural barriers so external aggressors have no chance of damaging it.

TIP! Thanks to its healing properties, this moisturiser will feel like heaven on your blemish-prone skin and soothe your skin with just a few drops twice a day. You’ll soon start to notice your skin healing day after day!

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