Experience The Power of PITERA™ In A Burst Of Confetti With SK-II’s New Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence

We’ve always loved SK-II’s unique limited edition packaging – there’s nothing like a beautiful essence to spice up our skincare routine. And now, the power of PITERA™ comes packaged in even more zest and fun, with SK-II’s latest Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence!

Try the SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence for crystal clear skin.

Try the SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence for crystal clear skin. (Photo: SK-II)

What is the SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence?

It’s the skincare product that needs no introduction. For almost four decades, women have relied on the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for crystal clear skin. That’s right: long before the glass skin trend, SK-II’s lightweight essence has been providing just that!

The power of PITERA™

The iconic Facial Treatment Essence owes its skin-refining powers to PITERA™, a naturally-derived liquid from the yeast fermentation process. While this micronutrient-rich liquid is easily absorbed by the skin,  it also conditions and protects while boosting hydration for a clear, smooth and radiant complexion.

Did you know? Each bottle of the Facial Treatment Essence contains 90% Pitera in a formula that’s been unchanged for over 38 years.

And proving that the skincare experience is about more than just bottles in your bathroom, SK-II has released the Facial Treatment Essence in a variety of limited edition designs over the years. From traditional Japanese art forms to inspiring messages, the reveal of each limited edition bottle has never failed to grip our hearts (and wallets)!

This time, the design fittingly celebrates the brand’s star ingredient: PITERA™!


Experience the power of Pitera with the limited edition Facial Treatment Essence Bottle

Experience the power of Pitera with this limited edition bottle. (Photo: SK-II)

We absolutely love how the power of Pitera is artfully represented by the vibrant graffiti-inspired patterns and explosions of confetti petals that adorn the bottle. This limited edition design is available on two bottle colours: SK-II’s signature red and a vivid teal (our personal favourite!). 

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With a legendary origin story, even more amazing results, and now a gorgeous limited edition design that’ll look great on your bathroom counter, now’s the time to try the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence!

Get started on your SK-II journey:

The Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence (RM695) is available now at all SK-II stores in MalaysiaNote: The teal bottle is available across SK-II counters in Malaysia as part of the limited edition Pitera™ Heritage Set (RM902).

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