Ask FEMALE: How To Glow All Over Without Highlighter

If your skin troubles aren’t quitting, then why should you? Don’t give up yet cos FEMALE’s Beauty Writer has got your back!

Q: “The highlighter is probably my favourite makeup item RN, but for an everyday look, I prefer an all-over glow. Are there any products that would help me achieve that?” – Nazihah Ahmad, 28, Fashion stylist

A: I hear you; highlighters are my obsession too! An all-over glow provides a more youthful appearance compared with highlighting certain areas. Try this mix-in oil with your favourite foundation for a dewy-radiant glow those K-pop stars would be envious of.


Amanda Rodriguez, Global Artist for Urban Decay, says, “This is an amazing tool for creating your own custom glowy foundation. I add a drop or two to my go-to shade to hydrate and ward off dry flaky makeup.”

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From the print edition. Original text by Ilicia Alias.