This Is How You’re Actually Supposed To Use A Lash Curler For Perfectly Curled Lashes

Korean beauty Youtuber Cococho has a technique for the most perfectly curled eyelashes I’ve ever seen in my life!

Anyone with stick-straight lashes is probably familiar with the struggles of trying to get a good curl from an eyelash curler. I know I’ve gotten irritated at many lash curlers for failing to make any difference whatsoever to my stubborn lashes!

No matter what you do, it sometimes feels like your lash curler just isn’t curling your lashes the way you want it to. This comes from the fact that lashes tend to grow in all directions, and when used traditionally, lash curlers just don’t account for this. Therefore, curling your lashes in the usual way – clamping the curler down on your lash roots and squeezing the curler to bend them upwards – makes for a messy curl that doesn’t last long.

To accommodate for this, Cococho uses a somewhat unconventional method of pulling the lash curler downwards and away from her eye once she has her lashes in them, then grabbing her front lashes again and pulling inwards towards her nose. She works in sections, making sure to move the curler to curl her lashes where she wants them to, which spreads her lashes apart and curls them almost individually instead of simply squeezing them upwards.

Sliding the lash curler downwards and towards the outer corner of her eye.

You do have to use an extremely gentle hand with this technique though to avoid stressing your lashes.  But once you get the hang of it, the result is immediately perkier lashes with a uniform neat curl that frames her eyes beautifully!

The finished lash while working on the other eye! Note the downward slide of the curler.

It sounds complicated to describe, so be sure to watch Cococho demonstrate the technique in action in the video below!