The 7-skin Method: Can Toner Really Give You That Korean Glow?

You know the glow we’re talking about. That lit-from-within translucency that no amount of highlighter can mimic. But a new Korean skincare technique called the 7-skin Method promises to be the secret to that glow. And all you need is toner!

We put it to the test.


What is the 7-skin Method? What is skin?
Skin is the Korean term for toner. And unlike its astringent Western counterparts, a Korean toner is a light, watery, hydrating essence. The 7-skin method basically means applying seven layers of toner instead of one.


How do you do it?
After cleansing, pat on a layer of toner as you usually would. Give it a few seconds to sink in before applying another layer. Pat it in. Repeat until you’ve applied a total of seven layers to your skin. Continue with the rest of your routine!

After I tried it, my skin visibly plumped up! It was magical, as though the cells on the surface of my skin swelled with moisture. It gave me the kind of dewy glow I usually see only after a facial or a sheet mask. My skin looked great, but it also felt incredible – smooth, bouncy, and firm. I could not stop touching my face!


So why does it work?
One word: hydration.

The glow you see on your favourite Korean celebrities is a result of super hydrated skin, achieved through layers and layers of moisture. That’s what the 7-skin Method does. By allowing your skin to slowly absorb each layer of toner, you’re essentially suffusing your face with as much moisture as possible.

And no, you wouldn’t get the same effect at all if you were to pat on a large amount of toner in one go – it would probably evaporate before your skin absorbs it. The layers are key, according to Korean skincare gurus. Each layer of toner preps the skin to absorb the following layers. So instead of just sitting on your epidermis, the toner can really penetrate your skin to hydrate and plump it.

Think of it as foreplay for your face. You could just jump right in after one layer of toner, but if you take a bit more time to really prep your skin with the 7-skin Method, the rest of your routine will work and feel that much better.


Should I try it?

Yes! Standing in front of your mirror patting in seven layers of toner may feel like a luxurious time-sink. But so far, it’s the easiest way to getting that enviable dewy glow. The good news is this definitely isn’t something you need to do everyday. Save it for a lazy weekend, try it before special events, or use it as a spot treatment for dry patches.


What toner should I use?
Be sure to use a light, hydrating, alcohol-free toner. With the amount of layers that’s going to end up on your face, alcohol will just end up drying it out instead of the opposite. Here are some that you can get online or at selected pharmacies:

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